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How to meet the needs of stakeholders

Will it meet the needs of my stakeholders? Analyzing the trial protocol with PAREXEL® pragmatic will identify any aspects that may cause issues during drug development and the knock-on effect these have on budget and results.

“Ensure evidence generated meets the needs of the objectives of the clinical trial.” 


PAREXEL Pragmaticanalyses the trial design to answer the following: 

• Will this work in a real world trial? 

• Will the cohort of patients represent the treatment population? 

• Do the trial procedures reflect the way patients are currently managed? 

• Which aspects of the trial are driving issues? 

• What risks does this design present that may be questioned by reimbursement bodies? 

• What are the alternative trial designs available that will meet the needs of stakeholders? 


PAREXEL Pragmatic - Study Optimization Tool

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