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Pay For Performance Drug Pricing

This webinar looks at how to optimally operationalize pay for performance schemes, and make the best use of the data, the infrastructure to adequately track patients and enforce rebates must be in place.

Recent improvements in data infrastructure support a renewed focus on structuring and executing more elaborate types of pay-for-performance agreements. However, historical experiences have shown that, in practice, pay for performance schemes can be difficult and costly to administer along with difficulties in monitoring patient outcomes and in clawing back rebates.


This Webinar addresses

  - The evolving pay for performance landscape

 - The complexity and differences between the fragmented payer landscape in United States and the single healthcare payer systems of many European countries.

 - The potential for performance based pricing in enabling coverage of innovative high cost new technologies while managing expenditure and data uncertainty.

 - The challenges of tying reimbursement to real-world patient outcomes

 - Extending data utility to evaluate outcomes and risks when considering a pay-for-performance structure

 - Mechanisms for patient tracking and data collection to operationalize pay-for-performance schemes

Webinar: Pay For Performance Drug Pricing

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