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Putting the "real" in real-world evidence

This webinar will look at how companies can successfully navigate the EHR and secondary-data landscape, and design and implement studies that reap the benefits of combining EDC and EHR data to answer key questions – transforming the theory of real-world hybrid studies into reality.


Post-approval research provides data from a real-world setting that can help prove the value of your product.  With these studies becoming increasingly important to decision makers around the world, addressing the complexities of accessing and integrating these data is key. 


Webinar Highlights

 - What is a ‘hybrid study’ and why are they important?

 - What data sources are available, and what benefit will they bring to your study and your strategy?

 - What are the challenges around accessing EHR and claims data, and how can you overcome these?

 - What are the critical success steps in integrating EHR and EDC data within a real-world study?

Webinar: Putting the "Real" in Real-World Evidence

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