Jacqueline Carranza Rosenzweig

Jacqueline Carranza Rosenzweig

Jacqueline Carranza Rosenzweig

Principal Consultant

Jacqueline Carranza Rosenzweig is a principal consultant at PAREXEL with broad pharmaceutical and clinical experience. In her role, she is often responsible for providing general engagement management, strategic project oversight, and guidance on overall project direction, methodology and quality.

Work Experience

In addition to consulting, Jacqueline has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience where she held various positions with HEOR and pricing and reimbursement responsibilities supporting both global and US groups. She has designed and managed numerous HEOR projects, developed key opinion leaders, published and presented findings for numerous studies. Jacqueline has extensive experience collaborating closely with clinical and commercial groups at all stages of product development. While at GSK, she worked with project matrix teams to guide early drug development, inform portfolio prioritization, identify value propositions, develop pricing and reimbursement strategies and generate value evidence data to help drug products differentiate and attain optimal global pricing and reimbursement.


Jacqueline received her doctorate in pharmacy training at Nova Southeastern University followed by a M.S. degree in pharmacy administration with focus on pharmacoeconomics from the Ohio State University.  She later went to complete a 2-year pharmacoeconomics fellowship with GlaxoSmithKline.

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