Sustainability initiatives and corporate responsibility are built into the culture and operations of Parexel, starting from our Mission, Vision and Values and driven through the daily actions of our employees.  We coordinate all our efforts under a single charter to achieve the maximum benefit.

Sustainability Charter

QUANTIFIED INITIATIVES– Reviewed and Updated Bi-Annually


Global Travel CO2e: CO2e with respect to air, rail, car and hotel

Goal: preserve or reduce existing CO2e levels in total and per employee despite growing work force

Data: Annual review

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Kilowatt Hour/Employee: Power used by employees as summed from direct utility statements or as allocated by landlords.


• preserve or reduce power use per employee,

• identify, explain and/or note improvement efforts in high power use locations

Data: : Reported quarterly and summed bi-annually by region (EMEA, Americas, APAC) with outliers discussed.

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OTHER INITIATIVES– Reviewed and Updated Bi-Annually


CEO is a Vice Chair of the American Cancer Society's CEOs Against Cancer -


See the development of LEED certified facilities within our portfolio and where we stand today. Click here.

• Striving for LEED certification in our major sites (i.e. where Parexel is the sole tenant, or a significant tenant, and thus can influence landlord decisions). We have been awarded LEED certification for our energy efficient and sustainable build-out and renovation of our larger facility in Hyderabad (GOLD), two major sites in Massachusetts and one in Deerfield, Illinois.


• Use of environmentally friendly detergents for cleaning

• Lighting improvements such as energy-efficient bulbs and switches available allow for individual regulation (on/off/dimming). If no movement is detected in a room after 20 minutes, the sensors give the signal to switch off the lighting. Any small movement results in the light turning back on.

• Started to equip drinking water fountains in lavatories and kitchens to reduce water flow and corresponding sewage.
Globally recycling standard office supply waste (paper, ink, etc.). As a service provider, there is no waste or hazardous materials in material amounts/quantities.
Actively educating its employees to take all pragmatic actions to save primary energy (e.g. switch-off office lighting, switch off computers, machines etc.).

• In the Berlin Hub Parexel offers collecting bins for batteries (to be recycled by the GRS Batteries Foundation) and plastic pens (Terracycle: turning hard-to-recycle materials into affordable green products). Per each received, donates 1 cent to a charity organization of the collector's choice. Parexel decided to give these amounts to in order to afforest woods.

• All buildings in Germany are operated with green power by Greenpeace Energy composing of: Waiver of electricity from nuclear power and coal, Carbon dioxide emissions cannot exceed 135g/Kwh, At least 50% renewable energy (wind, biomass, hydropower, solar and geothermal), Maximum of 50% from combined heat and power plants (natural gas with an overall efficiency of 80%)

• Invested into a highly sophisticated heat reclaim system and improved insulation for its new 85,000 sqft. and 65,000 sqft. office buildings in Berlin/Germany.


• Sustainability is included as part of the supplier selection criteria within RFI / RFP sourcing processes.

• New revisions of supplier agreement templates will have sustainability clauses included within them.

• Promoting use of small, disadvantaged, minority-owned businesses for US based suppliersherever possible and feasible.


• HQ car service was awarded to Embarque fleet and consists exclusively of US EPA SmartWay and SmartWay Elite Certified vehicles or equivalent.

• Parexel's Travel Policy encourages all employees to check before travelling whether there are alternative ways to reach the goals, e.g. telephone calls/conferences, video conferences.

• Parexel recently has rolled out CISCO Telepresence video conferencing, with the declared intent to save on Parexel employee travel and to further reduce Parexel's carbon footprint.

• Parexel employees are encouraged to consider modes of public transport such as train or bus, and to prefer those over private limousine or cab services, wherever possible and feasible.

We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


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