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PAREXEL® BioPharm Unit

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

From one life-changing molecule to the next wonder of modern medicine, PAREXEL® is committed to working with small and mid-size companies.  We believe one of the most valuable aspects you can offer any client is absolute dedication.  That’s why we’ve created the PAREXEL BioPharm Unit– a dedicated group focused solely on the unique needs of small and mid-size companies.  This means for every drug, treatment, and molecule we work on, we assign an employee team that delivers innovative, tailored solutions for every one of our clients – every time.  Some may call this commitment. Here at PAREXEL, we like to think of it as a bond with our clients in achieving their development goals. We think this bond is a critical component of the success of any project we undertake. 

Your company always deserves our best.

Small and mid-size companies are the genesis of innovation, with recent data indicating that 81% of ongoing development programs originated outside of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies.  To help bring success to companies like yours, we adhere firmly to the highest standards, operational excellence, and to the best practices in the industry.  At PAREXEL, we understand what’s important to our small and mid-size clients and that’s why the PAREXEL BioPharm Unit emphasizes:

• Dedicated teams – We provide a senior management leader and a dedicated team who are personally committed to your success. This team will work closely with you, providing ongoing, frequent communication and proactive solutions. You will feel a true sense of project ownership and collaboration.

• Innovative and effective study execution – Having a dedicated team, combined with streamlined protocols and integrated technology, increases the speed of study start-up, shortens database lock, and improves overall efficiency.

• Aligned incentives –In drug development, the stakes are high – especially if you’re vested in a small number of drugs. That’s why we hold ourselves accountable for delivery and quality. Confidence in our execution equates to alignment of incentives in meeting your critical development milestones.


Our expertise and global reach is at your disposal.

Armed with a broad array of in-house MDs and PhDs, PAREXEL has therapeutic experts who work closely with you to ensure your company gets the most relevant and effective strategies needed to help you achieve your critical development goals.

Spanning a range of therapeutic areas, our expertise includes oncology, immunology and CNS, cardiovascular, metabolic, and infectious disease, and offers broad study experience and direct knowledge of study requirements, risk management, and best practice implementation.

With 81 locations in 51 countries around the world, PAREXEL is proud to provide high quality clinical research.

Designing the right model to accomplish your goals.

At PAREXEL, we know that no two projects are ever the same. That’s why we work closely with every client to determine the very best model, and then tailor that model to meet the specific needs of each company. By creating a true sense of project ownership and collaboration, we act as your partners, where our success is only measured by yours. 

From delivering smarter solutions to anticipating your specific needs, we truly believe the people you choose to work with make all the difference. When you choose PAREXEL, you not only get 100% dedication to every project, every time, you also get a partner who is focused on the most important thing of all – your success.

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PAREXEL Creates Customized Biopharm Unit

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