Digital Transformation

Digital transformation meets humanity.

As more advanced therapies become possible, the complexity of approval has also advanced. In fact, in recent years, the time it takes to develop an approved drug has extended by 25%. That’s on top of the 7 to 12 years it typically takes to get to market.

This race against the calendar to get treatments to those who need them makes it clear that our processes must transform with the times.

Infographic explaining how digital transformation in pharma can decrease your drug's time in the development phase.

What is digital transformation?

Put simply, digital transformation in pharma means using technology to make the clinical development process more efficient – both monetarily and for the people involved. When combined with the right knowledge and processes, it can drastically reduce timelines and cost, all while improving accuracy.

Incorporating the latest technologies like wearables, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics in the right way can accelerate clinical trial outcomes with a better chance of market success. To continue leading the digital transformation field, Parexel has partnered with Microsoft and other tech leaders to give you new responsive capabilities.

Infographic detailing how Parexel uses the Perceptive Cloud for digital transformation in pharma.

We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


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Communication Preference