Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases

PAREXEL has the experience and expertise to provide you with strategic and practical solutions in cardiovascular and metabolism for your development journey. Our global teams have recent, relevant experience and are familiar with specific indications, the type of investigative sites, therapeutic terminology and potential queries, and the ability to provide proactive solutions for potential issues. 

Specific strengths of our Cardiovascular (CV) and Metabolism experts include:

• Extensive experience with medical feasibility studies, data-driven management of recruitment, enrollment and retention providing critical data about regions, countries, sites, investigators, standards/quality of care, and competing trials.
• Expertise managing complex trials in Phase I-IV on every continent, with Best Practice Management across the entire therapeutic area.
• Leading experts in central review of medical imaging/clinical data.
• Comprehensive expertise in drug development, regulatory consulting, and commercialization.
• Ongoing activities in academia, clinical practice and research backgrounds.
• Established associations with Key Opinion Leaders in different fields of Cardiovascular Disease (e.g., ESC Task Force members).
• Relationships with major Academic Research Centers.
• Established relationship with recognized CV experts for CEC and DSMB panels; and MEGA Trials, Endpoint Trials (MACE, CV Mortality), Atrial fibrillation, CHF, ACS and AMI and Antiplatelet Tx – CV prophylaxis.
• Major commitment to internal cardiovascular and metabolism training.

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