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 For clinical development projects that makes the world breathe easier, we’ve got your back. That’s because we’ve helped biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes with hundreds of respiratory development journeys. Our global teams have deep knowledge of COPD, various levels of Asthma, Rhinitis, Pulmonary fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Cystic fibrosis, Respiratory infections, and more.

With a truly global team and the ability to assist at every point from molecule to clinical trials to market access, Parexel can meet your needs no matter the scale.

 Strengths of Parexel's global Respiratory team include:
  • Extensive clinical experience. We know the specific challenges and opportunities in the respiratory area
  • Ongoing work with medical feasibility studies and close relationships with Key External Experts and other prominent Investigators in this area
  • Understanding of recruiting suitable patients within tight timelines in complex respiratory studies on every continent
  • Seasonal, northern hemisphere/southern hemisphere flexibility in recruitment and clinical trial performance of COPD and other respiratory patients
  • Knowledge-leaders in central review of medical imaging/clinical data through Parexel Informatics
  • Early drug development leaders combine their technological understanding and capabilities with knowledge of the respiratory therapeutic area to design an efficient development strategy. We help you combine the right technology, selection of the most suitable respiratory tests, and scientific approach for the specific product requirements and study population
  • Relevant regulatory consulting throughout clinical phases, as well as post-approval commercialization

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