Functional Solutions

Focused on Your Journey: Flexibility at Every Stage

For more than 30 years, PAREXEL has been leading the industry in providing innovative and customized outsourcing solutions to biopharmaceutical companies.  Our Functional Solutions Unit was created to provide fully flexible outsourcing services to our clients. Whether you must increase capacity temporarily or are looking to outsource an entire functional department – we have the expertise and global resources to handle the demand.

PAREXEL's Functional Solutions offer access to:

Our flexible functional solutions help our clients to access specific expertise and flexible resource as it is needed, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Whether it be to access resource in a specific geography, identify specialist expertise or leverage access a global resourcing pool, PAREXEL has a customized solution to help.

We provide the full range of flexible functional solutions to our clients, including:

Study start-up
Clinical trial applications
Statistical Programming and Biostatistics
Medical writing
Clinical Data management
Records management
Patient recruitment

We work in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes and throughout all phases of development to provide tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. 


Typical Functional Service Models Include:


PAREXEL provides highly experienced staff that integrate with your own workforce and are managed by your team. That means you temporarily increase staff capacity, while maintaining program oversight.

Ad hoc functional outsourcing

PAREXEL fulfills your short-term needs for increased staff and infrastructure, wherever you need them around the world. That means, your research and development capacity expands and extends your global reach only when you need it.

Functional outsourcing

PAREXEL provides one or more functional service lines across multiple projects. Systems and processes can originate from either you or us. This approach provides team continuity that can produce enhanced quality and efficiencies.

Functional strategic partnership outsourcing

PAREXEL fully staffs and manages one or more functional departments and all their projects, so that you fully leverage PAREXEL’s global capabilities, infrastructure, and functional expertise. This model offers you the greatest opportunity to achieve efficiency, process improvements, drive innovation, and reduce cycle times.

PAREXEL Functional Solutions: A World Leader on Your Team

Like our many clients who already contract for functional solutions, your organization can benefit from our commitment to operational excellence and innovation that gives you the flexibility you need to achieve greater efficiency.