While PAREXEL has cultivated best practices from deep experience, we also know the value of jointly designing a process.  It’s not only about doing what works, it’s about finding what works best for each client…whether that means rethinking reimbursements, assigning dedicated teams vested in your long-term success, or retaining medical experts to follow your molecule from phase to phase.

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Early Phase Services

Your journey from new molecule to new medicine starts with appropriate subjects, world class facilities, and more timely results. PAREXEL® provides comprehensive early phase testing services through our own hospital-based clinical units on three continents. This ensures the highest patient safety standards, on-site lab...

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Late Phase Services

When it’s time to shift your development journey toward commercialization to gain first market access, PAREXEL® is the partner to help you do it…seamlessly, securely, and cost effectively. For over a decade, our global Late Phase and Market Access specialists have customized scientific, strategic, and market-savvy...

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Phase II-III Services

During the part of your journey from Proof-of-Concept through regulatory submission, PAREXEL® Phase II-III specialists optimize every step of your clinical trials by every means possible. This makes your journey more smooth, accelerates the overall process, and allows you to stay on top...

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Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

The biopharmaceutical market of today is highly competitive. In reaching critical trial milestones across the clinical development spectrum, logistics obstacles involving clinical trial supplies cannot get in the way. While trials are becoming more complex, sponsors find it more challenging to organize consistent delivery...

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