LIQUENT® is now an integrated brand of PAREXEL. Our pioneering regulatory services and technologies, backed by our in-depth global knowledge of EMA, FDA, and MHLW policies and processes, help propel your journey more smoothly, from dossier planning to product launch and beyond. 

Regulatory Information Management

Regulatory Information Management (RIM) is defined as the effective and efficient collection, storage, retrieval and communication of regulatory information. RIM processes include defining product authorization targets, managing regulatory submission plans, creating and gathering submission information, producing and submitting the submission output...

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LIQUENT® CloudServices

For years, IT operations of life sciences companies seemed to grow without bounds. Hundreds of administrative and support personnel were tasked with keeping enterprise, departmental and desktop systems running, which in turn kept business operating effectively. However, as the number of applications and volumes of data have grown, it has become more...

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Regulatory Outsourcing Services

Whether you are currently taking a new drug to market or are already there, PAREXEL has the most comprehensive worldwide regulatory expertise and experience.  In fact, senior industry experts in our Regulatory Outsourcing Services group have an average of 14 years of life sciences experience and are active in industry work groups like HL7, DIA, RAPS, TOPRA...

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In 2004, LIQUENT® introduced the LIQUENT InSight® platform to the life sciences industry, and along with it the concepts of Regulatory Information Management. InSight™ supports the entire regulatory product lifecycle from the early planning of registration targets through product retirement. InSight is invaluable for regulatory planning, product detail management, dossier creation, dossier management...

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LIQUENT® SmartDesk

Productivity is the ratio of what is produced (output) to the effort required to make it (input). The regulatory submission process is, at its core, a production operation. Inputs such as documents, data, agency requirements and regulatory intelligence are consumed by Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Operations and publishing personnel to produce compliant regulatory output for submissions...

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LIQUENT® Educational Services

LIQUENT Education Services is committed to a learning environment that stimulates participant interest and encourages questions.  LIQUENT Education Services offers “results-oriented” training, which combines qualified instructors, state-of-the-art courseware and high-tech facilities. Classroom and onsite courses provide a computer for each participant and reinforce concepts...

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