What, Why, Where, When and How to Hold Your First, First-In-Human Trial - 2019

Cambridge, Massachusetts

April 30 - April 30, 2019

Cambridge, Massachusetts |

This clinical trial workshop will bring together experts in the field from Johnson & Johnson, CROs and agencies to discuss advantages, challenges and experiences in running trials around the globe.

Topics include: 

 Preparing for your FIH, Phase IB trials
-       The questions you should be asking – what, why, where, when and how?
-       High level considerations when planning clinical trials
-       The importance of proactive planning and the right partner
                - Partner/vendor/country selection
                - Regulatory environment
-       Study populations and design
-       Safety considerations

Study location considerations
-       What are the real differences/advantages for a young company that has limited resources going to other locations for clinical trials?
-       Standard of medical care and data integrity in THAT country
-       Timelines & costs



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