International Society for Quality of Life research (ISOQOL)

San Diego, CA

October 20 - October 23, 2019

San Diego, CA |

Healthcare providers in the US, Europe, and elsewhere are increasingly being held accountable for the outcomes of the patients they treat. Central to the concept of accountability is a thorough understating of the role of patient-reported outcome measures in healthcare delivery. In the absence of patient-reported outcomes, healthcare providers and oversight agencies must rely on other metrics such as emergency department visits, re-hospitalization, complications, and mortality. Engagement with patients and other key stakeholders is critical to ensuring the outcomes measured are patient-centered. ISOQOL is uniquely positioned to contribute to this international discussion to advance theory, methods, and application of quality of life research in the pursuit of optimal patient-centered outcomes.

October 22 - 10:15 am
The Rett Syndrome Burden of Illness Survey: Results from Cognitive Debriefing Interviews
HEOR Team Members involved: Nenad Medic, Senior Associate HEOR-COA

October 23 - 1:25 pm
When to Select Clinician Reported Outcome an evaluation of the existing evidence and suggestions for future use
HEOR Team Members involved: Zorana Zupan, Consultant HEOR-COA



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