SMi’s 3rd Annual Conference Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast

Boston, MA

October 28 - October 29, 2020

Boston, MA |

• Discuss ongoing complication of personnel derived contaminations from the FDA
• Gain valuable insight towards microbiological quality considerations in non-sterile manufacturing and control of BCC from Parexel
• Learn from the perspective of the US Pharmacopeia on container closure integrity evaluation
• Examine an end-to-end contamination risk assessment for autologous cell therapy from Juno Therapeutics
• Explore a back to back Genentech session covering technical considerations for microbial QC of raw materials used in biotechnology and the past, current and future state of Mycoplasma testing

Session: Wednesday, October 28 - 9:00AM
Microbiological Quality Considerations in Non-sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacture and control of BCC
Speaker: Lynne Ensor, Ph. D., Vice President, Technical

Session: Wednesday, October 28 - 9:00AM
Evaluating the Ongoing Complications of Personnel Derived Contaminations
Speaker: Pepa Barragan, PhD, Principal Consultant


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