Parexel and Kyoto University Hospital Announce Strategic Alliance

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The Parexel Podcast | Episode 15: Pandemic preparedness: Investing in the future of infectious disease vaccine development

Viral infections continue to emerge and represent a serious threat to global public health, from SARS to H1N1 influenza to MERS. Yet none has caused the level of global devastation levied by the coronavirus. In fact, the long-term complications of COVID-19 on our healthcare system are just beginning to come into focus. Managing these complications will increase the demand for healthcare resources in the years to come and will elevate the need for novel therapies to manage them. This episode features Sy Pretorius, Parexel’s President, Clinical Development & Chief Medical Officer; Paul Bridges, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Access at Parexel; and Ruggero Rossi, Vice President, Health Advances on how biopharmaceutical companies are preparing for COVID-19-related complications, the development of novel treatments to manage them, and future investments in vaccine development for infectious diseases so that we are better prepared for future pandemics.

The Parexel Podcast | Episode 14: Why Parents and Children Join Research Studies: CISCRP’s 2020 Pediatric Perceptions & Insights Survey Reveals Critical Insights

Pediatric participation in clinical trials is essential to understanding how drugs perform in children, whose side effects and responses to medications are often very different from adults. Yet the vast majority of medications are only evaluated in adults, and pediatric participation in clinical trials remains exceedingly low worldwide. In this podcast, experts discuss critical insights gleaned from a survey of 500 parents and children about their perceptions and experiences of clinical research.

The Parexel Podcast | Episode 13: The New Pragmatism: Clinical Trials, Investment and Regulations Post-COVID-19

Once the COVID-19 pandemic passes or is contained, the world will look and work very differently. The biopharmaceutical industry is no exception. In this podcast, Peyton Howell, Parexel’s Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, talks with Paul Bridges, Worldwide Head of Regulatory and Access, and Sheela Hegde, a Partner with Parexel’s Health Advances subsidiary, about the regulatory, investing and clinical development changes that are most likely here to stay – The New Pragmatism.

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