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The future of Investigator Meetings

Parexel is reinvigorating pharmaceutical meeting management to be more interactive and engaging, taking traditional training to the next level. With an experienced pharma meeting planning services team, all the logistics and technology can be handled effortlessly. Each of our highly trained biopharmaceutical meeting planning professionals have more than 17 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience in event management. They can oversee your event, whether in-person or virtual, using a deep understanding of the healthcare compliance regulations and restrictions to help it run smoothly. Should you need a dedicated staffing solution, or flexible outsourcing to expand your internal workforce, our experts can seamlessly integrate with your team to meet your changing workload demands. Dr. Sarah Jarvis (00:15): My name is Dr. Sarah Jarvis, I'm a GP and medical broadcaster and in my time I have moderated more conferences, and more principal investigator meetings than I would care to name, but this one is different and in a really, really good way. It is the most extraordinarily interactive format completely different from other conferences I've seen, where there's been much less engagement because there's been more talking to the delegates rather than pulling them in. There are practical sessions, there are workshop sessions, there's feedback and consequently, my biggest problem has been keeping to time because of the high degree of engagement. As a moderator, that's a great problem to have. Q: So what do our investigators think? - I think this is kind of exemplified by the interactive nature that we have throughout the investigator meeting. - This investigator meeting's a fantastic opportunity for coordinators and investigators to have a collaborative approach. - It's organized in a way that makes it really energetic. - This investigative meeting is great, it's so interactive. Having a moderator with so much energy really sets the tone for the rest of the day. - It's a fantastically, well organized meeting compared to all the others that I've been to. - From a clinical point of view, we're very lucky in the fact that we have real life examples of what may happen in the investigator meeting. - Compared to other meetings, I think this really stands out. Learn more at: Reach Parexel at: Listen to the Parexel Podcast: Facebook: LinkedIn: