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How To Maximize The Potential, And Sidestep The Pitfalls, Of Managed Access Programs

Read this article to find out about Managed Access Programs!

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A well-executed MAP can provide life-changing benefits to patients. It can also confer competitive advantages. If the decision to run a MAP is made early enough, its provisions can be rolled into the overall development plan, improving the chances of success and increasing the expected ROI.


MAP helps developers do the things they must do anyway but earlier and can convey additional benefits, such as:

  - Building relationships with physicians, patients and PAGs that can facilitate            commercial uptake and success

  - Providing physicians with a chance to administer a new drug to a more                   heterogeneous set of patients than they can in RCTs, learning how it works      best and how to give it safely

  - Allowing payers an opportunity to evaluate the real-world benefits of the product

  - For smaller companies with fewer human and financial resources, 
    administering a MAP may generate modest early revenues or at            least be cost-neutral while they retrieve its other benefits