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Example of R&D and Commercial Strategy

Parexel offers its clients robust capabilities in developing and delivering R&D and Commercial Strategies, based on specific product or overall portfolio needs. We have worked on a number of projects with our late-stage pharmaceutical clients to help develop market-relevant, executable commercial strategies. Our market access and commercialization team has vast global experience in helping our clients bring drugs to market as well as plan and manage their current or future R&D pipeline or product portfolio, including spinoffs, indication expansion, off-label drug use management, market landscape and competitive analysis and brand positioning. Additionally, Parexel has acted as an external thought leadership partner to drive an aligned view across the commercial and R&D organization in order to help set global market and access strategy for any commercially available or developed product. 


Example 1: Precision Medicine Renal Portfolio Strategy for Early-Stage Biotech: An early-stage biotech spinout focused on developing precision medicine therapeutics for renal indications engaged Parexel to develop a portfolio strategy to enable further growth. Working closely with senior management, we screened >170 indications, conducted a detailed assessment of ~35, and profiled 11 in depth. We prioritized indications using rigorous commercial, research, and clinical development criteria. In addition to secondary research, our team conducted ~4 in-depth interviews with leading nephrologist experts to understand unmet needs and identify indications with significant scientific activity. We conducted a workshop with senior management to determine which indications were most promising for additional investigation. 

Example 2: Portfolio Planning for a Commercial-stage Company: A commercial-stage company with a rare disease focus identified significant gaps in their pipeline and engaged Parexel to identify and develop a sustainable, growth-oriented portfolio and investment strategy for the future. Our team conducted internal assessments with our client and external market assessments to identify and align on a preferred portfolio strategy, including a detailed review of emerging technologies for rare disease, including gene therapy, RNAi, and mRNA. Our team assessed the opportunities and challenges related to disruptive therapies, including safety and duration of treatment response, along with internal and external capabilities and infrastructure required for development. Additionally, we generated a portfolio planning model that elucidated the risk-adjusted cadence of program development and investment and resourcing inputs necessary to support the portfolio growth. These insights generated a strategic direction for the client's R&D and BD teams for the short and long-term, including generating a resource deployment plan and refocusing efforts to leverage existing capabilities to increase productivity. 

Example 3: Opportunity Assessment and Strategic Roadmap for Real-World Data Spinout: A large, US-based integrated delivery network was interested in exploring a spin out of a for-profit enterprise that could provide insights and research services by tapping into the IDN's clinic genomic data assets, patient population, and biobank samples. The team helped the client define and evaluate this opportunity within the context of the rapidly evolving market for real world data (RWD) insights and research services. Analysis included in-depth interviews with biopharma executives and health system administrators to identify use cases and evaluate demand and commercial potential for the new venture. The team also evaluated the competitive landscape to inform a view of how the new venture could differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded market. Recommendations specified high value opportunities by therapeutic area and application, sized these opportunities, and outlined key actions required to unlock these opportunities. Ultimately, the client received tens of millions of dollars in funding as a result of the report.