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Global Clinical Trial Supply Management

To support decentralized trials, Parexel's Clinical Trial Logistics & Supplies service offers a global footprint and integrated tracking and technology, along with experience in packaging, sourcing, regulatory consulting, and distribution of global trial materials. From incoming goods to the packaging of the product, everything is prepared in the same compliant manner. Capabilities such as harmonizing monitoring systems and inventory management systems help with consistency among facilities. Whether conducting a small regional or a complex global trial, the trial requires a robust supply chain network that includes country-specific knowledge and a close connection to local authorities. Parexel provides the knowledge, systems, and connections to provide end-to-end clinical trial supply chain management. Reporter (00:05) Parexel operates a worldwide network of depots staffed by dedicated logistics experts. These facilities, like this US depot in Quakertown Pennsylvania, integrate decades of supply chain expertise, along with clinical operations and regulatory services to provide packaging, labelling and global distribution of clinical trial materials. Vince Santa Maria (00:25): Parexel's ability to support decentralized trials through our depot network, offers the sponsors and the regulatory authorities the commonality, consistency and what we do and the way in which we execute. So from incoming goods, to the flow of the material, to the actual packaging, the storage and distribution, no matter where it came from, a North American distribution center, Brazil or any of our facilities, it was prepared in that same compliant manner. Each of our Depot operations consists of very similar capabilities. From a harmonized environmental monitoring system, that's the actual management of the facility to tell us at any point in time the temperature conditions within the controlled ambient, the refrigerator space which is two to eight, the freezer areas and our ultra-low freezers themselves. It is a very key and critical factor within clinical trials. We have the inventory management system which is the electronic system, which tracks and traces the material as it came into our facility, throughout our facility as it changed from work in process to a finished good, to the actual deliverable to the site and ultimately to the patient. Because Parexel has both the clinical operations as well as the depo operations in-house, we have the ability to source material locally or globally. It's the understanding of the protocol. It's the understanding of the execution. Parexel's depot model underpins the compliance of the clinical trial. It could be my mother, my father, my child that's going to have such a need. So we all come to work with that mindset, to improve the quality of life, to improve that unmet need, to deliver the right drug, right patient on time. Always with that ultimate care of patient safety, it's at the forefront of what we do. Reporter (02:09): Parexel's global presence, harmonized SOPs, chain of custody and regionalized distribution strategy ensures your trial materials align with the needs of patients and sites. Learn more at: Contact Parexel at: Listen to the Parexel Podcast: Facebook: LinkedIn: