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Late Phase Partnerships

As today’s biopharmaceutical companies look for faster, more efficient routes to market, one thing has become clear – having the right partner can make all the difference.

PAREXEL's Peri/Post-Approval Services group of experts are dedicated to late phase research, offering a proven partnership model designed specifically for Late Phase. We are committed to offering innovative solutions that address the unique needs facing pharmaceutical companies as they transition products from clinical development to commercialization. From a global infrastructure to some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, the Peri/Post-Approval Services group stands beside you as your partner to help you achieve late phase success.

Contact us today to learn how a partnership with PAREXEL can enhance your late phase programs. 

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Clinical Research

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Study Management and Monitoring

Clinical trials constitute the single most expensive component of the entire drug development process. In particular, clinical trial operations represent one of the most resource-intensive areas within a biopharmaceutical company and often involve tedious, manual processes for collecting, aggregating and rationalizing information from a wide variety of data sources.

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Regulatory Information Management

Regulatory Information Management (RIM) is defined as the effective and efficient collection, storage, retrieval and communication of regulatory information. RIM processes include defining product authorization targets, managing regulatory submission plans, creating and gathering submission information, producing and submitting the submission output and managing the product registration.

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Perceptive MyTrials®

Single-Point Access to Both Data and Applications to Simplify Your Journey When your journey heads into clinical trials, accessing data, information, and all the applications you need from a single place saves untold time and agitation. That’s what Perceptive MyTrials from PAREXEL® does.

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Clinical Data Management

The DataLabs® EDC (Electronic Data Capture) solution is uniquely focused on simplifying workflows and delivering superior user experiences. Its advanced EDC features help streamline the entire process starting from study design all the way to collection, management and reporting of clinical trial data.

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Randomization and Trial Supply Management

PAREXEL® Informatics provides automated randomization and supplies management through its ClinPhone® RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) solution. Our services are offered by the industry's most experience and trusted provider of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and IWR (Interactive Web Response) technologies.

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Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) measure a patient’s symptoms, overall mental state, or the effects of a disease or condition on how the patient functions. COAs can be used to determine whether or not a drug has been demonstrated to provide treatment benefit. COA types include ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes).

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Integrated Product Development

Journeys, of course, have varied destinations. But whether you’re taking a new molecule to market, exploring how to differentiate a current product, or evaluating new geographic options, PAREXEL®’s Integrated Product Development team can shorten your product’s time to market and provide the strategic bandwidth and marketplace resources to help that product achieve more commercially.

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