Study Design

ForeSiteTM Study Design

During clinical trial design, it’s critical to optimize protocol design and global placement to achieve predictable delivery and avoid amendments that slow the process. After all, 55% of trial delays happen at the site level, which can have a cascade effect downstream. Parexel's ForeSite™ clinical trial methodology incorporates a data-driven approach to feasibility and enrollment, taking into account all influential parameters needed to gain a better awareness of the risks associated with country, site and patient selection:

  • Our ability to combine historical and feasibility data from individual sites with our experience of typical roadblocks, such as varying standards of care, to provide better predictability
  • Incorporating risk mitigation and contingency plans to ensure that trials meet milestones and budget
  • A consistent approach to site selection that steers away from underperformers
  • Our tool, Pre-screen+, that provides a systematic review of risk underpinned by comprehensive feasibility
  • Our exclusive Site Intelligence Management System (SIMS) that combines past performance data, investigator and patient voices, and predictive analytics to yield consensus with sponsors on acceptable risk
  • More than 17,000 Site Alliance Investigators across nearly 40 countries who give sponsors excellent reach and choice

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