Decentralized Clinical Trials

The future of clinical trials is now

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Changing what’s possible today for a future for patients tomorrow

Whatever challenges the world may throw at us — now, and tomorrow, Parexel’s Decentralized Clinical Trials represent an opportunity to rethink and refresh how research studies are conducted, while keeping the patient at the heart of this emerging paradigm. Developed within our Patient Innovation Center, our flexible Decentralized Clinical Trials solutions provide both fully virtual and hybrid options.

Leading the industry by engaging patients in Decentralized Clinical Trials

Our experience includes more than 100 Decentralized Clinical Trials (inclusive of home nursing visits) and experience in excess of 200 remote patient engagement strategies incorporated into trials (e.g., patient recruitment and retention platforms, e-visits/video dosing regimens and patient insight projects).

This allows us to manage and deliver a wide range of fully virtual and hybrid approaches to Decentralized Clinical Trials while also offering important supporting capabilities:

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130+  DCTs (fully virtual and hybrid approaches including home nursing)
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200+  remote patient engagement strategies 
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250+ direct-to-patient shipments
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300+ patient apps/eCOA platforms
Bringing it all together to enhance the patient experience

Our Decentralized Clinical Trial solutions combine in-house expertise and patient/caregiver insights with the latest technologies to create bespoke strategies to guide you through all aspects of planning, operationalizing, and safely deploying Decentralized Clinical Trials.

Together, we can help ensure that treatments get to the patients who need them most by making it easier for diverse populations in various geographies to access and enroll in research.

Working with your team, Parexel offers:

  • A proven track record of successfully implementing both hybrid and fully virtual approaches
  • An integrated, cross-functional team armed with experience, innovations, access to “best in-breed” technologies, and processes in place to help you plan, operationalize, and safely deploy Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • Access to our Patient Innovation Center, an invaluable resource that leverages patient advisory boards for global perspectives and applies its Patient Insights methodology to design clinical trials
  • Regulatory advice based on the latest guidance for your targeted region
  • Technology experts to advise on the right devices, sensors, and applications for integration into your study
Moving to another level of site collaboration

Parexel was recently recognized for its high-quality service by CenterWatch in its Global Clinical Trial Site Relationship Benchmark Survey. Parexel ranked one of the top three CROs among attributes most valued by sites and received “Excellent” ratings on many key performance attributes, including:

  • Well-trained monitors/clinical research associates (CRAs)
  • Organization and preparedness
  • Easily accessible staff maintaining open communication

As sponsors continue bringing many components of studies directly to patients in their homes and in their communities, Parexel seamlessly collaborates with sites to make the process as efficient as possible. As a pioneer in designing and delivering Decentralized Clinical Trials, Parexel may offer sites more study opportunities, wider access to diverse patient populations in their region and reduced dropout rates due to remote patient engagement options.   In turn, Parexel can design more effective protocols based on valuable site input about their patients. And together, Parexel and our site partners are even better poised to improve the overall study experience for patients and sponsors.

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Communication Preference