Phase III Clinical Trial

Your roadmap through the complexities of Phase III.

Planning Phase III

As phase III clinical trials continue to advance in complexity, it’s more important than ever to start with a thoughtful plan that addresses challenges before they become problems. Our clinical design and protocol development services can get your project off to a solid start. Then, we keep that momentum going by connecting you to a network of pre-qualified investigators and trial sites.



Beyond core eClinical systems like EDC, CTMS, and RTSM, we can help boost your clinical development with the latest technologies to cut costs and development times. We bring advanced predictive modeling to your patient recruitment and more, with adaptive trial technologies and global communications systems to intelligently smooth your entire development experience. 


Global Resources

With a presence in five continents, we are wherever you work. Being global means careful understanding of country-specific regulations, requirements and cultural nuances at every site. It also means a world-wide network of pre-qualified investigators and sites so you can connect with the people you need, fast. No matter the scope of your project, your teams are in good hands with worldwide patient and investigator resources. 


When all these pieces work in harmony, you are better able to recruit patients efficiently, get sites running quickly, and manage your study within your budget.

We can help with:

  • Complete clinical development services
  • Full range of integrated eClinical technologies
  • Advanced study start-up and patient recruitment strategies
  • Proven site management metrics and best practices
  • Access to high-value investigators
  • Extensive therapeutic area experience

We are always available for a conversation.