Nothing is Bigger Than Your Molecule

Clients of all sizes seek our Clinical Research Services for a variety of needs. What makes our offering truly different lies in how we bring together the right experts at the right times to help make your journey more predictable.

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Globally Integrated Science Taking Your Journey to Global Markets 

It can be a long and complex journey, taking your scientific innovations out to the world.  This is only the first reason why PAREXEL® is the perfect partner to help you get there.  As one of the world’s largest and most experienced biopharmaceutical service providers, we have the global infrastructure, harmonized protocols, and advanced technologies to uncomplicate the process for you, accelerate your time to market and contain your development costs while minimizing risks of late phase failure. It all begins with our end-to-end approach to conducting clinical trials. From feasibility analysis, site selection and patient recruitment to clinical monitoring, data collection and management on through NDA preparation, submission, and post-approval studies, PAREXEL is committed to your entire journey.

Whatever the size or scope of your study, PAREXEL provides the comprehensive clinical research services you need, from First-in-Human through Phase IV and Post-marketing follow-through. We also have the regulatory expertise, clinical trial operations management, payer and market access planning, medical education and communications capabilities to see your journey through efficiently and effectively. 

Explore every phase of our clinical services for a complete picture.

Key Offerings

Early Phase

Your journey from new molecule to new medicine starts with appropriate subjects, world class facilities, and more timely results. PAREXEL provides comprehensive early phase testing services through our own hospital-based ...

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Phase II-III

Learn about PAREXEL®’s Proof of Concept expertise and capabilities in regulatory strategies, drug development, and clinical pharmacology.

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PAREXEL Peri/Post-Approval Services build upon the company’s long-standing expertise across drug development and medical marketing practices.

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Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

Learn more about our Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics to see how we can help you navigate the challenges and complexities of global clinical trial logistics planning.

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Readying Yourself for the Real World

Learn why drug development today is more than a process. It’s a journey. At PAREXEL, we are committed to making Your Journey Our Mission, to solving problems before they arise, to making the process smarter and more efficient, and to being a true partner to our clients, in every sense. Read more.