Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

Clinical Trials Are Now More Complex, But Your Journey Shouldn’t Be

You need to test your new medicine in key markets worldwide, but organizing consistent delivery of your trial-related supplies to multiple locations is complex. PAREXEL offers smart tools for managing these tasks. Our dedicated Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics team uses industry-leading supply chain intelligence developed through the combined expertise of PAREXEL specialists and our eClinical and eLogistics teams. This intelligence is used throughout the clinical trial process to identify opportunities, solve problems, and implement actions that optimize supply levels, reduce costs, and enhance future trials.

To move your journey forward with fewer demands on you, PAREXEL delivers integrated, end-to-end clinical logistics management that improves compliance and efficiency in all aspects of the clinical trial process.  We take every step necessary to deliver results that make a difference to your journey and your bottom line.

Our Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics services include:

• World class expertise
• QP release and EU Gateway services
• Customs process management worldwide
• Faster set-up
• Reduction in costly drug overproduction and overstock

Utilizing Integrated Technology and Services to Simplify the Clinical Trial Supply Chain

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Download our infographic to see the benefits of an integrated clinical trial supply chain model. 

Key Offerings

Global Reach

PAREXEL® has headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, and operates in 80 locations in 51 countries around the world. Within our extensive CRO operation is the largest global network of biopharmaceutical service depots and local logistics experts with strong…

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Clinical Trial Supplies

The value of certain study drugs can reach tens of millions of dollars, making it essential to avoid overproduction, oversupply, and inventory expiration.  With the high costs and strict handling requirements for many biopharmaceutical products entering clinical development…

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Ancillary Supplies

In addition to Investigational Medicinal Products and other study-related drugs, clinical trials require a host of other supplies, including diagnostic, testing and medical equipment, centrifuges, disposable products, refrigerators, computers…

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Lab Logistics Services

With sample analysis representing as much as 80 percent of all study data, PAREXEL understands the significance of proper and meticulous sample handling, analysis, and data reporting in the clinical trial process...

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Key Materials


Simplifying End-to-End Global Clinical Logistics

Global experience, integrated solutions and a multinational infrastructure for seamless clinical trial material management. As a leader in clinical logistics services, PAREXEL oversees all aspects of the clinical trial materials involved in a study. Read more.


Cool Operator

Learn how in clinical research, the cold chain is a top priority and that guaranteeing integrity of investigational medicinal products can minimize dangers to patients.