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Phase 1, First in Human

Decades of experience in conducting Phase I clinical trials

With participants safety paramount, PAREXEL® Early Phase has developed a superior range of services for First-in-Human (FiH) and other Phase I safety studies, giving you the assurance that your compound will move into human testing swiftly and safely.

Many of our units are based within hospitals, providing direct emergency room access to offer the best possible environment for performing first-in-human and other Phase I safety studies. Additionally, all of our units have well-documented emergency procedures, a high ratio of medical doctors to beds, and highly experienced nursing teams. With more than 30 years of experience performing Phase I trials, we provide our clients with the clinical pharmacology, scientific and clinical expertise that they need; practical advice, sound protocol design, quality data and the assurance of the smoothest possible transition into the clinical phase of development.

Phase I services include:

• Full scope of Phase I clinical services
• Combination protocols
• Clinical pharmacology consulting
• Safety studies in target patient populations
• Comprehensive clinical data science services

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Starting Stronger in Phase I Through IIa

Learn how our Early Phase services can add value from first-in-human through proof-of-concept. Download our brochure to learn more.

Ethnobridging for Accelerated Global Drug Development

Learn how PAREXEL®’s extensive experience in conducting Phase I studies outside of Asia can provide you with a clear advantage in global drug development. Click here.


Clinical PK/PD & Pharmacometrics Services

Establish your best protocol-saving you time and money-with our PK/PD and Pharmacometrics Services. 


Medical Imaging Services

Learn how the use of novel imaging approaches early in the clinical development process can help you achieve savings in timelines and resources. Download Now

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Early Phase Services

More of What You Need for a Stronger Start in Phase I. Your journey from new molecule to new medicine starts with appropriate subjects, world class facilities, and more timely results. PAREXEL® provides comprehensive early phase testing services through our own hospital-based clinical units on three continents.

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Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

Clinical Trials Are Now More Complex, But Your Journey Shouldn’t Be You need to test your new medicine in key markets worldwide, but organizing consistent delivery of your trial-related supplies to multiple locations is complicated. PAREXEL® offers smart tools for managing your clinical trial logistics.

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Phase II-III Services

Improving Your Journey by Improving Every Step of Your Clinical Trials. During the part of your journey from Proof-of-Concept through regulatory submission, PAREXEL® Phase II-III specialists optimize every step of your clinical trials by every means possible.

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Integrated Product Development

Journeys, of course, have varied destinations. But whether you’re taking a new molecule to market, exploring how to differentiate a current product, or evaluating new geographic options, PAREXEL®’s Integrated Product Development team can shorten your product’s time to market and provide the strategic bandwidth and marketplace resources to help that product achieve more commercially.

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