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Communications Planning & Publications Programs

Integrated programs to support product commercialization and market education 

PAREXEL® Medical Communications translates science and data to communications that promote action - action that can help transform medical knowledge and practice. Our expertise in evidence-based communications and our transparent, compliant working processes set us apart as a medical communications company.

Three decisive factors fuel our expertise:

• Our ability to understand complex data and contribute innovative scientific and clinical insights
• Our flair to see things from new and different angles
• Our commitment to implement ideas with passion and enthusiasm

This combination makes the vital difference to ensure that a brand's unique medical profile is clearly communicated and understood by all stakeholders, in order to deliver optimal business results.

Pharmaceutical publications planning

Sponsors’ research data are their key strategic asset, and we help them maximize the evidence base for their products through our world-class publication planning and management services. 

Whether you require a small plan for a single drug indication or extensive plans for multiple products or indications, our approach ensures successful planning and high-quality implementation. In fact, in 2009 we achieved a first-time acceptance rate of over 90%.

The communications strategy and/or publications plan sets out our recommendations for dissemination of data and expert opinions via abstracts, primary manuscripts, meta-analyses, reviews, posters, symposia, speaker presentations, and many other medical education activities. All tactical elements of a plan are related back to the messages they support for comprehensive coverage of key educational objectives.

Key Materials

Case Study

Patient narratives and clinical study report re-write for mega trial

Learn how PAREXEL delivered more than 700 narratives within just over 11 weeks, as a standalone service to support the pivotal CSR written in-house at the sponsor. Click here.

Succeeding in the Marketplace

Learn the importance of pricing, reimbursement and patient access strategies in this article by Charles A. Stevens. Download here.

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Early Phase Services

More of What You Need for a Stronger Start in Phase I. Your journey from new molecule to new medicine starts with appropriate subjects, world class facilities, and more timely results. PAREXEL® provides comprehensive early phase testing services through our own hospital-based clinical units on three continents.

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Peri/Post-Approval Services

More Tools to Simplify Your Journey Before and After Approval When it’s time to shift your development journey toward commercialization to gain first market access, PAREXEL® is the partner to help you do it…seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively.

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Phase II-III Services

Improving Your Journey by Improving Every Step of Your Clinical Trials. During the part of your journey from Proof-of-Concept through regulatory submission, PAREXEL® Phase II-III specialists optimize every step of your clinical trials by every means possible.

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Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) measure a patient’s symptoms, overall mental state, or the effects of a disease or condition on how the patient functions. COAs can be used to determine whether or not a drug has been demonstrated to provide treatment benefit. COA types include ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes).

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Integrated Product Development

Journeys, of course, have varied destinations. But whether you’re taking a new molecule to market, exploring how to differentiate a current product, or evaluating new geographic options, PAREXEL®’s Integrated Product Development team can shorten your product’s time to market and provide the strategic bandwidth and marketplace resources to help that product achieve more commercially.

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HERON™ Commercialization

In this post-blockbuster era, traditional opportunities for sustained growth throughout your products’ long-term journey are limited. Biologics, biomarkers, genomics, personalized medicine, and proteomics offer promising alternatives, but commercial dynamics of the biopharmaceutical industry are uncertain.

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