Perceptive MyTrials®

Single-Point Access to Both Data and Applications to Simplify Your Journey

When your journey heads into clinical trials, accessing data, information, and all the applications you need from a single source saves untold time and effort. That’s what PAREXEL's Perceptive MyTrials does. Our proprietary platform uncomplicates how clinical trials use software by providing an application framework through which you easily access our integrated suite of clinical trial applications.

Our Perceptive MyTrials platform connects you to our suite of cloud based applications to access multiple programs, trials, and your data with one set of credentials. This seamless, scalable, efficient technology takes advantage of integrating applications and data on a common platform by providing a dashboard and reports that continuously update status and metrics for a holistic view of your study performance and progress.



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Now your complex clinical trials can be managed more effectively through the Perceptive MyTrials platform using the following capabilities:

Key Offerings

Data-Driven Monitoring

PAREXEL® Informatics knows the most confident time to make a decision is when all the facts are clear. Perceptive MyTrials® Data-Driven Monitoring not only gives you the data you need but organizes it in a new and meaningful way that makes decision-making easier and faster…

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eClinical Metrics

For customers of the PAREXEL Informatics suite of hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, our standard eClinical metrics reporting feature enables users to make optimal use of consolidated study performance data to manage their trials and programs. The standard…

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Combined EDC-RTSM

We are removing the boundaries between our EDC and RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) applications. Our combined EDC-RTSM solution significantly changes the way technology applications can be used together in clinical trials. This complete technology…

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Collaboration Toolbox

Planning and managing a clinical trial is a complex task involving many different people, processes and systems.  It can be challenging to ensure everyone involved has the appropriate information and latest documentation at their fingertips to enable them to conduct…

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Key Materials


Perceptive MyTrials® Product Overview

The suite is greater than the sum of its parts. Learn why we are driven by
the need to make life easier for those conducting clinical trials.


Risky Business - Targeted Monitoring of Clinical Sites

Risk-based monitoring of clinical sites continues to gain momentum. Following FDA guidance, software providers are now developing systems more sophisticated and intuitive by the day. Jo Shorthouse, Scrip 100 Editor, talks to PAREXEL Informatics about our approach to the subject.


Blurring the boundaries

Learn how our combined EDC-IVR solution brings about a radical shift in the way technology applications can be used together in clinical trials. Read more.