Integrated Technologies

Biopharmaceutical technology that works as hard as you.

What makes our integrated drug development technologies different? They were made by people who actually use them. It’s how we create truly industry-leading solutions to help streamline your clinical development, the way you manage data, and how you navigate the regulatory process.

Clinical Technology Solutions

Clarity can empower. That’s why our clinical technologies make it possible for your organization – and your partners – to work from a single digital source of truth through every stage of development.

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Patient Technology Solutions

Patients drive us to do better every day. Which is why we use our deep scientific know-how to improve their experiences and make sure the precious data they provide goes right where it needs to.

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Regulatory Technology Solutions

Safety must be the top priority when bringing new treatments. From research to release, our regulatory solutions deliver the capabilities necessary to successfully bring products to market and effectively maintain them throughout their lifespan.

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