Clinical Technology

Developing for the common good.

When we talk about developing a healthier world, it starts with a commitment to technology that allows you to work at your best. We are proud to offer end-to-end integrated technology, all backed by more than 35 years of care.

Perceptive® Cloud

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to combine biopharmaceutical development with the power of cloud computing. As clinical development draws information from more and more sources, Perceptive® Cloud provides a seamless platform to access it all, right when you need it. It’s designed to help you make careful decisions, faster.

Clinical Trial Management

Whether your trial is operating at a single site or around the globe, our IMPACT® CTMS gives everyone involved a single source to work from. IMPACT lives on Perceptive® Cloud and gives you management resources for your entire company, with flexibility at the local site-level.

Electronic Data Capture

To help you more easily plan, design, and conduct your projects, DataLabs® EDC streamlines everything from collection to reporting. Fully integrated into Perceptive® Cloud, DataLabs® includes targeted source document verification, strong safety monitoring...and more. 

Data-Driven Monitoring

Like you, patient safety is our top priority. Our Data-Driven Monitoring solution helps you keep a watchful eye on risk assessments and even site workload assignments. Through smart analytic tools it measures key risk indicators to trigger interventions when necessary.


With a suite of dashboards, Perceptive MyTrials® Analytics gives you a single source for real-time information. By keeping everyone informed, better decisions can be made more quickly to improve the experience for all.


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Communication Preference