Perceptive® Cloud

Clinical Cloud Computing Services: Biopharmaceutical Companies Gain Efficiency

Simplifying processes and shortening the development lifecycle are top priorities for biopharmaceutical companies today. Efficient, transparent processes, cost reduction and better alignment between technology, people and processes are essential to enable timely response to changing market demands. 

Perceptive® Cloud elevates Parexel Informatics’ solutions into an enhanced cloud architecture built on Microsoft Azure, combining Parexel’s extensive biopharmaceutical industry expertise and innovative technology solutions with the power of Microsoft Azure’s intelligent cloud computing services and investment in global compliance certifications and enterprise-grade security. The Perceptive Cloud helps streamline processes, improve transparency and promote collaboration. Workflows are optimized for a seamless user experience. The flexible, open, scalable architecture simplifies data integration and enables faster response to changing market demands.

The solution affords an opportunity for those developing drugs to experience the enhanced data quality and availability needed to improve and redefine processes from discovery through commercialization.

Begin the digital transformation journey without delay, with confidence in the providers, the data security and the predictability that is the hallmark of the cloud computing model.

The Perceptive Cloud supports:

  • Helping accelerate the drug development lifecycle to shorten time-to-treatment and improve Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Clinical trial and regulatory efficiencies through workflows optimized for a seamless user experience
  • Support for adaptive trials for on-the-fly adjustment as results evolve
  • Enhanced performance and innovation by breaking down product silos
  • Faster response to changing market demands with a flexible, scalable architecture
  • Predictable costs and maintenance with built-in upgrades on an accelerated schedule
  • Simplified data integration through a common architecture

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