Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

All your data in one place.

DataLabs® electronic data capture (EDC) gives biopharmaceutical sponsors, research, and medical device organizations the power to simplify. With intuitive usability and custom scale, DataLabs is backed by our resilient Perceptive® Cloud platform. Allowing one place to turn your data into results, DataLabs streamlines workflows, manages and reports all the information you collect in one extraordinarily flexible platform.  

Study Design

Effectively transforming a protocol into a comprehensive set of eCRFs is critical for EDC deployment. The DataLabs® Designer is an innovative study build application that provides study teams with the tools necessary to build an electronic study, all in a truly collaborative environment. Together with the expertise of our Professional Services group, the DataLabs Designer tool ensures efficient and optimal study build processes.

Data Collection

The DataLabs EDC solution is designed to provide the best user experiences possible through cutting-edge features delivered by an exceptionally intuitive interface. Built with utmost usability in mind for collection of study data, the easy-to-navigate interface and workflow driven display of permissible actions facilitate highly streamlined user workflows for site activities. Renowned for its ease-of-use, the DataLabs EDC solution’s user interface empowers investigative sites to effectively utilize EDC with a minimal learning curve.

Study Management

Managing today’s clinical trials is a complex and challenging task, involving many different people, processes and systems. Study teams need to respond to rapidly changing situations and make timely, informed decisions throughout. The DataLabs EDC solution has a proven track record of helping client organizations optimize valuable resources, gain efficiencies and ensure quality data.


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