Customer Care

Compassionate support for all involved.

When sponsors and patients have questions about your clinical trial, finding answers easily can put minds at ease. Our Customer Care Services become a true extension of your team by acting as a single point of contact to address clinical, medical, technical, and drug supply concerns.

We work closely with you to understand the unique concerns of your project. With more than 180 agents in five countries, we are able to support your sites around the world with 24/7 access in local languages.

We are proud to provide

  • eClinical Technology services resolve data and technical issues on third-party and in-house systems
  • Clinical services support site selection, site compliance, and patient recruitment and engagement
  • Medical information services handle product inquiries, complaints, and adverse event reporting
  • Trial supply and logistics help sites and sponsors manage inventory effectively

Infographic: In an Emergency, How Do You Manage Unblinding?

In an emergency, how can you maintain patient safety without compromising clinical trial integrity through unnecessary unblinding?


We are always available for a conversation.