Data-Driven Monitoring Training

Perceptive MyTrials® Data-Driven Monitoring Training

Perceptive MyTrials® Data-Driven Monitoring (DDM) provides a combination of risk-based, targeted and centralized monitoring. Users can make clearer, concise data-driven decisions using powerful data visualizations in both graphical and tabular form.

Parexel's Education Services Data-Driven Monitoring program is a comprehensive training suite designed to support our clients and users to maximize the strength of the DDM application. Our training portfolio supports in-house, on-site monitors and those in a clinical oversight role, providing the skills and knowledge to successfully utilize the DDM tool to prioritize, plan and schedule monitoring activities.

Our training covers all aspects of DDM and how various users will work with it. This program offers self-paced eLearning and instructor-led training (ILT) that can be delivered on-site or virtually.  We offer a modular approach and customized training based on role and system usage.  For faster product adoption, we incorporate real-world scenarios. 

DDM Training Map.png

Benefits of the DDM training program:

  • Relevant from Sponsor to Clinical Monitor and Project Leads
  • Multiple modes of delivery
  • Building blocks of knowledge configurable by role
  • Scenarios based on common trial risks
  • Geared toward entire Trial team with critical focus on Data-Driven Monitoring

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