Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)

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When collecting information, reported data can be a powerful, and deeply personal, tool. Whether in regards to a volunteer’s symptoms, mental wellbeing, or side effects, electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs) can give a considered picture of if and how an investigational treatment is functioning.

Some COA measures include:

  • Patient-reported outcome (PRO)
  • Clinician-reported outcome (ClinRO)
  • Observer-reported outcome (ObsRO)
  • Performance outcome (PerfO)

eCOA clinical trials infographic featuring scientific support, project delivery, global logistics, and broad eCOA solutions.

Our extensive work with eCOA studies and commitment to supporting everyone who uses our technology means a full suite of capabilities, including:

  • Scientific consulting to help generate relevant, valid, and high-quality data for smooth submission to regulators, payers, and other market access stakeholders
  • Knowledgeable project oversight and communication on project plans, risk management, and issue management for your study needs
  • Comprehensive study delivery services including 24-hour helpdesk, telecoms support, and data transfers
  • Logistics to ensure equipment arrives at sites in time, all supported by our extensive network of regional hubs and in-country depots, and by our decades of navigating customs regulations
  • eCOA technology Clinical Ink's SureSource platform provides trial sponsors, investigators, and volunteers the real-time visibility they need to help improve adherence to protocol execution, reduce trial risk, and improve patient safety and engagement
  • Patient wearables and sensors integrate with the expanding realm of devices to collect biometric data



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