Imaging Services

Imaging Acquisition

Our proven systems and processes enable complete collection of high-quality images. 
Our capabilities include:

  • Investigator site qualification including test data capture
  • Electronic data transfer integrated with our tracking system
  • Development of standardized image acquisition guidelines
  • Investigator site training
  • Central image collection and archival
  • Proactive image tracking and reminder notifications

Image Processing and Analysis

Our compliant image processing and analyses with blinded independent reviewers provide standardized data with reduced variability. Our service offers the following facilities:

  • Use of proprietary image processing and analysis software
  • Global footprint allows 24 hour processing
  • Digitize hardcopy films
  • Conversion of analog to digital data
  • Video frame grabbing
  • Reading and translation of digital data
  • Automated DICOM parameter verification
  • Image blinding and randomization
  • Image post-processing
  • Blinded DICOM exports (with or without annotations)
  • Disease-specific segmentation tools
  • Selection and management of independent review panel
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • Electronic data posting with audit trails
  • Development and validation of custom imaging tools and analyses for novel surrogate endpoints
  • Integration of third party software and tools

Data Management

We provide management of digital image data archives with access by sponsors and packaging for regulators, as follows:

  • During and post-review data quality control
  • Proactive monitoring of adjudication rates
  • Secure image archival
  • Compilation of digital image sets for regulatory filings
  • Support for in-house image lab development at sponsor site
  • Development of custom 'query tool' user interface for regulatory reviewers

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference