Musculoskeletal Imaging Expertise

Musculoskelatal (MSK) Imaging

Parexel is a leading provider of Imaging Core Lab services for Ph I - IV clinical trials. We offer several solutions to standardize musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging endpoint assessments. Parexel Integrated Technologies has conducted over 170 clinical trials utilizing MSK imaging.  The key to our  success can be credited to a dedicated and experienced operational and medical team. 

Engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as Independent Readers

Our flexibility in choosing readers enables you to utilize our trained internal radiologists and/or virtually any KOL as an expert reader; as appropriate for your study.  Parexel Integrated Technologies will work collaboratively with you to identify the best possible readers and read model for your trial.  Due to the technical nature of MSK assessments having an expert and small pool of readers is essential to balance read volumes while maintaining high quality.  Additionally, this solution helps to ensure low inter-reader variability.

At Parexel, our primary goal is to provide accurate and precise assessments by expert readers. To achieve this goal we ensure standardization in image acquisition by providing imaging templates, positioning devices, and monitoring instrument quality control, as well as, consistent scanner calibration across sites within a study. 

Standardization of image acquisition allows optimal image quality at baseline and consistent imaging with baseline at follow-up; this results in increased sensitivity and power to demonstrate treatment effects; Parexel staff will compare the results of all follow up scans to baseline to ensure consistent positioning across timepoints.

Parexel has invested in creating state of the art technology to facilitate the use of complex criteria across the MSK spectrum including:

  • Customizing analysis application based off criteria author’s reading preference
  • Integrating advanced imaging algorithms for muscle and fat segmentation into Parexel's standard imaging workflow
  • Partnering with imaging experts to build customized imaging software for novel analysis techniques of joint space width of the knees and hips
  • Investing customized solutions for monitoring drift in scanners over time, as well as, proprietary software to harmonize DXA imaging across multiple manufactures. 
  • Expedited reporting, including, eligibility results and safety endpoints, for example, confirmation of fracture, T and Z scores and excessive bone loss.
  • Advanced training for project personnel including certification in quantitative analysis for imaging specialists and a standardized musculoskeletal training program for project managers.

MSK Site Training

Parexel offers a wide range of site training including training at the Investigator Meeting, one-on-one virtual site training, face-to-face site visits with a trained Imaging specialist, and group webinars.  As, image standardization is crucial in MSK studies, we have found that including multiple sites in training is very beneficial as the attendees, usually the technologists and coordinators, are prompted to discuss in an academic-like environment and more questions are asked and reviewed than in one-on-one trainings.  Not only is including multiple sites on trainings more cost effective for Sponsors, but it produces better results.  Additionally, if any sites require breakout one-on-one training, a member of our team will train the site via telephone as part of the standard site qualification services.

Training will be customized for specific attendees to ensure proper messaging and to avoid burdening your key contributors with information that doesn’t affect their specific duties and ultimately improve data quality.  It is our goal, through our tailored site training program, to simplify the journey for your sites.  For MSK trials, we typically recommend training that includes review of the Image Acquisition Guidelines and usage of the positioning templates.

MSK Scientific Advisors and Consultants  

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