Neurology Imaging Expertise

Neurology Imaging Expertise

We provide a wide range of services for CNS imaging clinical trials.  Our network of scientific advisors and in-house expertise allows for full spectrum services offerings to help take your product from discovery to market.  We have experience with any standard modality used at your investigators' sites for routine imaging of CNS patients including advanced functional MRI, conventional MRI, CT and angiography. With a team of experienced in-house medical imaging experts, including imaging physicists and a dedicated Exploratory Imaging group, we are equipped and well-positioned to help you gain the information needed from new and less established imaging methods.

Our CNS clinical trial experience includes:

  • Stroke
    • Stroke & hemorrhage lesion detection
    • 3-D lesion capture on CT & MRI (diffusion, perfusion, T1, T2, FLAIR, GRE
    • Superimposition of sequences to segment out hemorrhage and stroke volumes
  • Neuro-oncology
    • Primary or metastatic tumor detection/propagation on contrast enhanced CT & MRI
    • Superimposition of sequences to segment out tumor and edema volumes and follow over time
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    • T2/T1gad enhancing/T1 "black hole" MRI lesion detection/propagation for volumetric analysis
    • Superimposition of MRI sequences or different timepoints to detect lesion location and changes
  • Alzheimer's
    • Region-of-interest glucose standard uptake value/ Amyloid plaque deposition on PET
    • Superimposition with CT or MRI to correct for atrophy

Our CNS services include:

  • Protocol consulting
  • Design of image acquisition protocols
  • Preparation of Independent Review Charters (IRC)
  • Site standardization and management, independent review and eligibility/safety review

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