Oncology Imaging Expertise

Oncology Imaging Expertise

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As a leading central review core lab for clinical trials, we offer multiple solutions to standardize central oncology endpoint assessments.  With Parexel you are supported by our in-house medical scientific and medical writing expertise, complemented by specialized key opinion leaders and scientific advisors in oncology.

Oncology is the largest component of the imaging business, with over 50% of our engagements in the full array of oncology indications. Our structure and breadth of capabilities are aligned to adjust and scale our imaging services to your needs. We have the specific expertise and flexibility that you expect from an imaging partner for early phase or exploratory imaging studies, as well as the rigor and throughput for large late phase submission trials.

Our in-house physician team includes experts in radiology, oncology, nuclear medicine; PhDs with imaging background, scientists with expansive trial experience, technologists (MRI, PET, and CT) who are ready to support your protocol and your study’s imaging needs. Partnering with Parexel also brings you access to our worldwide network of reviewers including over 300 sub-specialized radiologists and oncologists.

Our clinical trial experience includes all indications in oncology.

Oncology Services

Beyond standard imaging services, Parexel can support new and novel oncology specific requirements.  Our services include:  

  • Protocol consultation
  • The collection and management of data
    • Collection, management, and independent review of clinical data
    • “Collect and hold” images in a read-ready archive. 
    • Reader performance monitoring
    • Medical outlier review of independent analysis
  • Supporting independent reviews for both road tested and novel criteria, such as
  • A wide range of reading workflows, including
    • Eligibility confirmation based on inclusion criteria
    • Confirmation of PD
  • Novel trial designs such as
    • Audit methodologies as outlined by ODAC in July 2012
    • Oncology breakthrough therapies
  • Close integration with industry forums, such as

Advanced Oncology Tools Supporting Imaging Endpoint Assessments

  • Electronic and automated features that reduce human error
    • Case report forms, images and overlay measurements are linked electronically
    • Automatic logic and quality control checks
    • Automatic on-the-fly tumor calculations for unidimensional, bidimensional and volumetric measurements
  • Customized timepoint-based and endpoint-based adjudication
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of PET images with SUV computations
  • Flexibility in analysis design to balance rigor and price
    • Proven standard, off-the-shelf, RECIST/RECIST 1.1, Lymphoma, and Leukemia applications
    • Configurable applications to support other criteria and customized protocol-specific requirements
    • Integration with open-source or commercial software

Oncology Scientific Advisors:

Our Medical Imaging team has over 30 scientific advisors that we work with on a regular basis in the oncology space. Many of them are key opinion leaders in their particular field such as:

We are always available for a conversation.