Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM/IRT)

Ensuring accurate allocation and automated resupply.

When it comes to running a clinical trial, our statistics and supply management consultants understand the specifics you need to do your best work. In fact, we’ve helped more than 4,000 clinical trials involving more than 2.4 million patients through intelligent randomization methodologies and resupply algorithms to achieve treatment group balance, eliminate selection bias, limit predictability of treatment assignment, reduce overage and help ensure drug supply is uninterrupted.

We focus on three pillars of interactive response technologies:

Quality – Attention to detail minimizes risk

  • Seasoned project management, study design, and delivery team
  • Dedicated randomization, statistics, and supply chain team
  • Tailored to phase, region, client, and protocol specific needs
  • Global 24/7 Customer Care Services for technical and clinical inquiries from study teams, sites, patients, and healthcare professionals

Optimized – Technology and processes adapted for you

  • Visual delivery process – what you see is what you get
  • Integration with other Parexel and 3rd party eClinical applications such as EDC and CTMS to simplify workflows and data exchange
  • Simpler technology interactions and processes from initial contact through end of study

Proactive – Anticipating your challenges

  • Simpler change request process
  • Make study design changes quickly without taking the system offline


ClinPhone® Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)

With the backing of decades of experience, our team developed ClinPhone®  interactive response technologies (IRT) to adapt to your needs. We’re set up to help you stay on top of difficult supply issues like adaptive trial designs, titration regimens, or medication pooling across multiple protocols. When combined with our full logistics and services, we give you the strength to proactively manage your clinical, ancillary, and lab supplies.

We are always available for a conversation.