Regulatory Technology

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The regulatory submission process can feel like the final push in a long clinical development journey. Our tool kit of Regulatory Information Management (RIM) software works with our support services to help you cross the finish line. When combined with our consulting services, we help you set yourself up for regulatory success.

Liquent InSight®

We’ve guided our share of drugs through the regulatory process. And we’ve learned something from each. It’s on this foundation of global approval experiences that we developed Liquent InSight® - the only proven end-to-end integrated RIM platform available on the market today.  

This powerful software empowers you through the submission planning, publishing, and registration management capabilities you need to support your project through the important final stages.

Liquent InSight® gives biopharmaceutical organizations options for rapid creation, review, and submission of regulatory dossiers and is highly scalable to meet you wherever you are in your clinical development. With a seamless interface, users across your channels can easily find the answers they’re looking for.

Regulatory Cloud

In systems as linked as content and regulatory information management, our Regulatory Cloud gives you a flexible solution you can build with time or all at once. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, this technology helps simplify this particularly complex landscape. 

Regulatory Information Management infographic detailing the benefits to Parexel's Perceptive Cloud.

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