Translational Medicine

From bench to bedside and back again.

The translational medicine cycle is a vital step in creating a compassionate clinical development journey. That’s why our Translational Medicine team brings decades of understanding to help you develop first-in-human studies, then take those insights back to the bench to make important adjustments. Using novel biomarker development know-how, genomic medicine, and predictive modelling, we give you the tools to evolve this early data to inform your clinical development strategy. By putting our heads together, we can help you reduce risk and understand precisely the right population to take part in your clinical study.

Our core services include:


We’ve spent more than 40 years analyzing drugs, metabolites, and endogenous compounds. We work with qualified lab partners with global networks to provide end-to-end bioanalytical services and to facilitate regional-specific sample collection, transportation, and regulatory processes.

Novel Biomarkers

We help guide your early-stage biomarker strategy development and execution. This means determining what biomarkers should be evaluated and what technologies or methods are the best fit for you.

Genomic Medicine

We can help you thoughtfully develop a genomic strategy from first-in-human through commercialization. Our team of scientists incorporate genomic strategies into drug target selection and validation, medicine development, registration, commercialization, and differentiation from competitor medicines.

Predictive Modeling and Analytics

Our Quantitative Clinical Development team gives you a leg up in clinical PK/PD, pharmacometrics, and model-informed drug development (MIDD) across numerous therapeutic indications to boost milestone development decisions for first-in-human, proof-of-concept, phase IIb ranging, and successful registration.


Our Translational Medicine Services team specializes in early-stage biomarker strategy development and execution. We can help determine which biomarkers to evaluate, what technologies will best serve you, and select and oversee the laboratories conducting these specialized tests to ensure results align with regulatory requirements. 


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