Expert Identification & Engagement

Building relationships through trust.

When it comes to engaging industry experts, we cast our net wide. After all, understanding how your stakeholders think is key for shaping scientific and clinical understanding of your product’s value proposition. That’s why we draw from our network of both internal and external consultants to give you the tools to extend your outreach across channels and build up your relationship with scientists, payers, patients, and more.

Parexel KOL Identification word cloud.

Our engagement programs are driven by fundamental principles:
  • Value-focused debate
  • Reinforce long-term relationships
  • Expert engagement programs
  • Facilitated information exchange
  • Repeated contacts
  • Targeted complementary activities

By partnering with people who care, we help you build compliant, intuitive outreach strategies. This means programs including advisory boards, publication and congress activities, disease education, and more that are thoughtfully designed. Along the way, we’re always listening for ways to do better, with built-in opportunities for continuous feedback.

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference