Discussions on Diversity

Listening and learning from patients and physicians about critical barriers to accessing clinical research and ways to overcome them.

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Supporting greater understanding

Through these series of reports, we will share feedback from both our quantitative and qualitative research sources to support greater understanding and highlight areas for action.

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Expert Insight

Discussion on Diversity reports provide in-depth, expert insight from a range of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge about life sciences, patient advocacy, life sciences, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

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Rosamund Round:

The purposes of the report is to speak to people from these communities, understand the barriers, understand the challenges in regards to research, and get their feedback and their input about ways to overcome them. So actually working with people to listen, understand, do more and do better. And it's so important, I think, the world that we live in. We need to ensure that we are giving equitable access to people for clinical research, but also making sure that our study population is reflective of the patient population. Working with the communities, getting this information, we can then use that to build a roadmap for the particular services and tools that we need to build to work in different ways to be successful. So making sure that we're understanding, building tools, services, working with sites, working with patient communities, and then sharing that information openly. It's not just a Parexel piece. We want everyone to know. We want to support everybody, sponsors, even our competitors, to make sure that we're sharing this information and doing a much better job of being more inclusive.

Our Research Methods

The contents of this report are the opinions of third parties derived from surveys, focus group sessions, interviews and patient advisory group meetings and do not reflect the opinions or positions of Parexel or its affiliates.