Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this time, we continue to be committed to our clients’ business while putting the safety of patients, client partners and our employees at the heart of everything we do.


Your one-stop resource for comprehensive COVID-19 information 

Because the future of clinical trials is now, accessing information about COVID-19 is essential to the development of new therapies and approaches. That’s why we’ve developed a single, online resource to help our industry access the latest information. The COVID-19 Clearinghouse addresses the challenges around the volume of information, the reliability of data sources and lack of data context.

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The future of clinical trials is now

Now more than ever, the industry is shifting to Decentralized Clinical Trials – either fully virtual or hybrid approaches – to improve patient access and enrollment in research studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch our new video clip spotlighting a patient’s perspective on the positive impact Decentralized Clinical Trials can have on daily life.

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Disrupting the Bench to Bedside Philosophy

Precision medicine brings insights from the bench to bedside, but we need to share information from the bedside back to the bench to innovate drug development.

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