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Whatever the size of your biopharmaceutical company, our global presence can help accelerate your drug development around the world. Our diverse professionals represent the best and the brightest in clinical, regulatory and market access specialties. We’re passionate about supporting your objectives and committed to partnering with you to make medicines accessible to patients who need them most.

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(Sanjay Vyas): I'm pretty proud of the fact the way India has grown over the last three years. But the interesting part that is happening is a lot of multinational customers have now started looking at India as a feasibility site, which was not being considered in the past. So when they were there during the feasibility analysis of what sites to be included, with 1.2 billion population, the amount of disease burden that sits in the country is making it more and more interesting for multinational organizations to start looking at India or doing or conducting their studies.

(Vicky Hsu): So we have very strong team in China, especially in the regulatory consulting area. And then we also have our medical doctors. And then they can definitely support the client support team to look at a protocol design and then to really work with client and work with scientists that, what's the best way to look at the criteria and how they can work together with the client to come up with I would say, more robust, innovative protocol study design.

(Miki Shigehiro): More and more clients, you know, especially in the biotech space, small and mid-sized Japanese pharma is looking for the clinical development outside Japan. We have a lot of experience in supporting that. For a company in the United States and, you know, biotech company, United States, they don't have any footprint in Japan. So they need a support, you know, local expertise. Those are certain needs I think we have.

(Vicky Hsu): And then the most important thing is we listen to what the client needs, and we see ourselves as a partner. We are clients' extended team member, right? So we are not just the arm and legs. We are also the brain and heart to support them, work with them, collaborating with them to bring innovative drugs into the market earlier.

(Miki Shigehiro): Delivery with high quality so that, you know, our work is trusted by the clients. And, you know, I think, you know, our employees, having passion for a patient and are motivated to work so that, you know, we could keep, you know, the patient happy, patient and patient family happy. That's the most important thing.

(Sanjay Vyas): India is a diverse country. And with that kind of a cultural diversity, the only way you can succeed is by taking people along together and by making everyone's voice heard.


We have 5,100+ staff ready to meet your needs, with 10+ offices across the region; a headquarters in Durham, North Carolina; early phase clinics in Baltimore and LA; and a clinical trial supplies and logistics depot in Pennsylvania.

We have 890+ staff, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as clinical trial supplies and logistics depots in Argentina and Brazil.

We have 6,000+ staff, with 30+ offices across the region, early phase clinics located in Berlin and London, and clinical trial supplies and logistics depots located in Germany and Russia.

We have 8,800+ staff, with 20+ offices across the region and clinical trial supplies and logistics depots located in China and Singapore.


End-to-end services, wherever you need them

We offer the scale to execute phase I-IV clinical development programs around the world. From finding the hardest to reach rare disease patients to supporting wide-reaching vaccine trials, we harness the power of clinical, regulatory, and market access experts to design and deliver trials rapidly and smoothly. We ground everything we do in rich insights about the patients we serve and that means trials are more accessible for the patients who need help the most.

Real-time coordination across global locations

Whether you need us in one country or 100, our global network of premium facilities and local professionals are all connected in real time. Our neural network is fueled by in-depth regulatory knowledge, a rich database of patient populations, and a genuine understanding of the person behind the patient. That way you always benefit from a unified global team, working together to run your project faster, more efficiently, and more effectively from day one. 


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