Site Alliance Network and KOL Engagement

Addressing an industry-wide challenge

Up to 80% of studies fail to meet enrollment timelines, and inadequate patient recruitment is the top reason that studies are forced to close early.

The Parexel Site Alliance Network includes more than 340 sites and 16,000 investigators and fosters long-term collaborative relationships with select research organizations across the globe to deliver efficiencies to patients, sites and our biopharmaceutical customers.

Site Alliance members partner with Parexel to improve research and the patient experience. We leverage their expertise and feedback to optimize and support:

  • Protocol design
  • Patient recruitment
  • Technology feasibility
  • Increased trial volume
  • New models, solutions and systems

Optimize study launch to enable best-in-class delivery to our customers

We continuously look for ways to make study launch activities more efficient. Some examples include:

  • Improving upfront planning and forecast accuracy to provide more predictable delivery
  • Improving cycle times, quality, and efficiency
  • Using our tools and expertise to select the right sites to enroll the right patients
  • Optimizing our site alliances and overall site network
  • Leverage our SMEs to make study start-up more efficient

Getting deeper insights from KOLs

As a service in the early development of protocols, we invite our sites’ investigators to act as key opinion leaders (KOL). They’re the ones walking the journey with patients and their caregivers every day, making them uniquely capable of identifying the barriers to recruitment and retention so we can address them from the start. The result is a trial that requires fewer protocol amendments and faces fewer recruitment problems, saving you time.

Increasing participation in clinical studies

Currently, fewer than 10% of physicians and patients participate in clinical research, and among patients who participate, minority groups are significantly underrepresented. Research activities are often concentrated in academic institutions and investigator sites, so patients and their providers are often unaware of the work; and even if they’re interested, many lack the time and resources required to join studies.

Our Community Alliance Network is a collaboration that brings clinical research more fully into community healthcare settings.  This model aims to make access to clinical research part of a patient’s routine healthcare experience. Through our Community Alliance Network partnerships, we support thousands of community practitioners and eliminate many barriers to provider involvement.

When we link patients to studies through their established care delivery systems, we’re empowering physicians to offer more treatment options, removing participant barriers, and connecting with underserved communities.

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