Gain an advantage through FSP

Our mix of outsourcing models are designed for efficiency and high performance, customized to your needs. To determine the best model, our approach begins with exploring your clinical development and outsourcing goals, desired levels of oversight, risk tolerance, anticipated study volume, preference for insourced or outsourced staff, among other key criteria. We then collaboratively design an outsourcing program strategy and map to functional requirements, supported by the right mix of talent. Finally, we structure contractual arrangements to optimize labor efforts and efficient service delivery with transparency.

How our FSP model delivers value

  • Consultative strategy and outsourcing design leverage the experience of our experts   
  • Alignment of the right services, expert insights, and resources -- balanced with shared responsibilities and governance drive high performance 
  • Global talent ecosystem 
  • Human capital resources for every clinical trial function, at all levels of seniority
  • Comprehensive training for role-specific and cross-functional education, designed to build an adaptable future-ready workforce as skillsets expand and traditional roles converge.
  • Our global teams are designed to scale, which allows for maximum resource utilization through strategic regional allocation and operational hubs in low-cost regions

Our FSP pillars for success

1. Investment in future-ready talent 

  • We expand recruitment by extending our search beyond the industry for the best talent, to adjacent industries and people with complementary skill sets 
  • We develop talent through industry-leading training provided by Parexel Academy and advocate for career ladders to evolve and retain talent by giving employees a plan for long-term progress in their professional lives
  • Outsourcing strategies are supported by mobile, global resources of cross-trained, analytical workforces with capabilities to be assigned where they can be best used
  • We equip research teams with best practices, labor-saving technology, and risk management tools to deliver operational excellence 

2.  Process optimization and technology 

  • Optimize labor efficiencies by matching the right talent to the appropriate task. Global hubs create opportunities to offset labor inflation and a limited supply of qualified talent
  • Access global scale. Operational hubs in low-cost regions deliver unprecedented efficiencies for key tasks across clinical operations and data management functions. Hub functions include start-up teams, regulatory, eTMF, and clinical trial assistants
  • Strategic guidance and implementation/upgrade support for a range of systems, including data management, eClinical, centralized monitoring and safety
  • Resource models are designed to quickly adjust work volume, and ensure you have the right resources where you need them, with the urgency to activate quickly)

3. Change management

  • Transformation takes many forms: whether it’s a vendor or operational model change, or scaling up, Parexel can smooth the transformation through an implementation framework, providing dedicated experienced oversight of mission-critical tasks such as role mapping, recruiting, onboarding, resource planning, and knowledge transfer via a phased implementation plan

4. Commercial strategies

  • Parexel applies proven commercial levers and controls to manage operating costs that include scale efficiencies, standardization, and a global infrastructure
  • We develop customized commercial structures for each engagement, including outcomes-based contracts

5. Strategic insights

  • Our ability to design your overall outsourcing strategy includes guidance on “all in” talent costs and what functions are best suited to FSP outsourcing
  • When non-traditional FSP functions such as planning, global feasibility, and clinical supply chain management are included in service delivery, they can offer early strategic insights and valuable efficiencies to drive better performance