Clinical Development Technology Optimization

Make smarter decisions with best-in-class technology

Our fit-for-purpose solutions optimize clinical development from day one. By partnering with industry-leading vendors and leveraging our own proven quality management systems, we design technology suites tailored to serve any development program.

To start, we examine and evaluate your data needs. Once we fully understand the choices you’ll face, we engineer a solution that enables faster, more informed decision making by delivering the right data at just the right time. Each suite we design includes technologies that can be applied to a broad spectrum of studies, along with qualified and validated solutions that we adapt to meet study-specific needs. You’ll also be supported by our Client Technology Partner Team to ensure the technology is selected and delivered effectively.

We know the challenges of clinical development. We also understand the perspectives of patients and sites, and we work to reduce burdens for both. Our technology solutions make it easier for patients to participate in studies and stay enrolled through completion, and our dependable, proven systems support site staff so they can focus on the patients and their health.

As part of our solution designs, we offer:

  • Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs): We earned the 2022 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award for excellence in planning, operationalizing, and delivering DCTs worldwide using leading-edge technology
  • Risk-based monitoring: Our team uses CluePoints central statistical monitoring to provide proactive site management and ongoing risk assessment
  • Sensors and wearables: We create end-to-end solutions that efficiently capture, transmit, and visualize the high data volumes collected by biosensors and devices
  • Real world data insights by using data tokenization in a clinical trial, we can enable connectivity between clinical trial and real-world data that can provide answers to previously unresolvable questions
  • Clinical trial operational reporting (CTOR): We offer direct access and real-time visibility into clinical trial operations, from study planning to execution and closure
  • Data transfers: We offer 20+ standard clinical trial management system data extracts from our central data mart, with the ability to customize files and fields and deliver in a variety of formats and frequencies

At Parexel, we use these resources and more to design technology suites to drive your success. We have deep experience serving pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies of all sizes, and our experts welcome the opportunity to support your team.

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